Apartment move

By apartment move, we mean any moves of hhgs between two apartments, an apartment and a house in the country, an apartment and a summer cottage or temporary removal of belongings to a warehouse for the duration of renovation work.

Sometimes, it may seem that you have practically no belongings, but this is not the case. If the area of your apartment is more than 50 sq. meters, your belongings may take up from 15 to 25 cbm. This volume requires professional movers’ assistance. 

Apartment moves in Moscow may be fraught with various additional difficulties, such as problems with driving a truck in the center, parking a truck during loading/unloading, availability of cargo elevators (there are none in old style houses in the center) and a number of other technical issues.

Moving of expensive furniture, musical instruments, paintings and chandeliers requires not only carefulness but also know-how – what type of packaging material to use, how to handle heavy and fragile items and how to make wooden crates for specific itemsin order to ensure maximum safety during the move.

If you are planning to renovate your apartment/house, we recommend you to pack the furniture and personal belongings and to place them for storage. You can learn more about IWM storage services here

In addition to standard moving services, we can also help you with hanging pictures, connecting/disconnecting household equipment and appliances, cleaning services.

We can even remove to a new place your child’s beloved sandbox! By the way, moving children’s belongings and toys is a practical specific issue during any apartment move.

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