Оne-group is a premier pan-European relocation organization established to meet the needs of an international client base, and delivering consistent first-class relocation and moving services throughout Europe. To learn more about one-group —

IWM became a partner of one-group in Russia in May, 2011, expanding the group´s high quality moving and relocation capabilities throughout the Russian Federation.

The FIDI Global Alliance is the largest global alliance of independent high-quality international removal companies.

With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, FIDI works in line with its mission and vision to offer customers a portal to an alliance of recognized quality movers. To learn more about FIDI —

In order to become a FIDI member, a company should obtain an internationally recognized FAIM quality certificate for its services. Movers are certified by the European office of Ernst & Young. Certification takes place once every 2 years, so FIDI constantly ensures the quality of services provided by alliance members.

IWM has been a FIDI member since 2010.

FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) is a stringent, all-encompassing quality program, which has been recognized for more than a decade as a supreme seal of quality by customers of the international moving industry.

IWM was successfully certified at the end of 2009, and confirmed its high international status in 2012, by obtaining the FAIM certificate of quality.

IAM is a global association of movers and forwarders committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available. Our worldwide membership of over 2,000 companies from more than 170 countries and territories are available to move you wherever life may take you. To learn more about IAM —

IWM became an IAM member in 1999, allowing the company to provide its customers with unlimited high quality moving services in any country of the world.

The Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association, LACMA, is a democratic association founded in 1969.

Its members are experienced and prestigious moving and relocation companies not only from Latin America, but from all parts of the world.

LACMA is the Latin American representative in FIDI. The association is a leader, respected in the industry for its well-established purpose and character; known for its constant innovation in services aimed at continuous improvement, and characterized by the strong bond between its members. To learn more about LACMA —

In view of the growing interest among IWM customers in moving to Latin American countries, IWM decided to join LACMA in 2011. As a result, the company is now ready to provide its customers with high quality services in moving personal belongings, as well as support in all matters connected with relocation to Latin America, through its partner LACMA members.

EuRA, the European Relocation Association, was formed in 1998 with the aim of promoting the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to companies with globally mobile employees.

IWM has been offering relocation services since 2010. It joined EURA in 2012. To learn more about the Association —

Worldwide ERC is the workforce mobility association for professionals who oversee, manage, or support U.S. domestic and international employee transfer. The organization was founded in 1964 to help members overcome the challenges of workforce mobility. Solid bylaws and statement of shared values ensure that Worldwide ERC® continues to grow and enhance our service to our customers. As the recognized authority on workforce mobility, Worldwide ERC® conducts unbiased research on a wide range of issues related to workforce mobility policy and programs.

IWM has been an Association member since 2011. To learn more about Worldwide ERC

The Association of European Business was founded in 1995. This non-profit organization unites more than 630 companies from European Union countries and Russia. There are big multinational corporations, middle-sized and small enterprises among the Association members. All of them are united by an aim to establish reliable contacts between the EU and the RF, as well as to help improve the business climate in Russia. To learn more about the Association —

IWM has been an Association member since 2009, directly taking part in various events to develop business in Russia, as well as events dedicated to foreign personnel relocation, customs regulations, and moving of personal belongings, etc.

La Chambre de commerce

La Chambre de commerce et d’industrie franco-russe (CCIFR) est presente a Moscou depuis 1997, date de la creation de l’Association « Club France » : le Club d’affaires a naturellement evolue en Chambre de commerce et d’industrie, en rejoignant en 2006 l’Union des Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie Francaises a l’Etranger (UCCIFE), premier reseau prive d´entreprises francaises dans le Monde, represente dans 77 pays et reunissant plus de 28.000 entreprises.

Son action est structuree en 3 grands axes d’activite:

  • La vie associative : organisation et animation de presentations economiques, de comites sectoriels, de sessions B2B, d’evenements culturels, de delegations d’entreprises en regions ;
  • Le lobbying : consultations et interventions aupres des decideurs publics et prives francais et russes, en cohesion avec ses nombreux partenaires institutionnels (patronaux, gouvernementaux, parlementaires et regionaux) ;
  • L’appui aux entreprises : support a l’implantation et au developpement francais en Russie, et a l’investissement russe en France.

IWM est en membre de CCIFR depuis 2011.

Pour plus d´information, suivez le lien —

ASTERA is an international consulting company that provides a full range of professional consulting services in commercial and elite residential real estate —

The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia is committed to creating a more business-friendly environment in the Russian Federation. Acting as a link between members, policy-makers and business leaders in the U.S. and Russia, the Chamber works to identify common problems to normal business operations and achieve mutually-beneficial solutions. Through its adherence to providing concrete returns on its membership fees — the ROI business model, AmCham broadly advocates regulatory improvements in the U.S. and Russia, offers concrete assistance to individual company members in resolving problems, and provides business development opportunities through its networking events.

IWM has been an active AmCham member since 2002. To learn more about AmCham —

The British Business Club (BBC) is a private club intended primarily to provide a social and networking medium for the British business community in Moscow — and Russia more widely — and a focus for discussion of matters of interest to that community. To learn more about BBC —

IWM has been a BBC member since 2009 and is an enthusiastic participant in the club´s various social events.

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